Tuesday travel photography: light and loneliness

Rost, NorwayNorway has some of the best light on the planet. I took this photo on Rost, the outermost of the Lofoten Islands, on August 28, 2005. After a rough ferry ride from the mainland, we had to stay several days before the next ferry would allow us to depart. A storm had come through in the afternoon and ripped one of our host’s boats from the dock. He was in his eighties and too arthritic to run an outboard, so his wife called on my husband to retrieve the lost boat before it was swept out to sea. The next day she expressed her gratitude by fixing us a dinner of breaded cod’s tongues, a local delicacy.

Two days later an innkeeper on another island told us how sorry he was that New Orleans had been destroyed. We had no idea what he was talking about because we’d been completely out of touch with the world.

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