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Think with Krys Boyd


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  1. Could you please make available the study mentioned in your TED Global talk that shows the decrease in mortailty/morbidity when changing lifestyle (drinking/smoking/fruits & vegetables/exercise). I would like to see the data in detail.

  2. Aloha Sandra,

    I read your New York Times article and immediately pre-ordered your book. I was transformed and healed when I read it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Like many of my fellow Baby Boomer girlfriends, I have never been satisfied with my weight. Ever since I say Twiggy on the cover of Seventeen magazine in the mid-1960s, I believed I wasn’t thin enough. Underweight or overweight, it didn’t matter. If only I could lose another ten or fifteen pounds.

    Although my weight has been stable for several years on a low-sugar diet I was always fighting my set point. Always hoping to be just a little bit thinner.

    Your book has cured all those feelings and more. I immediately changed my behavior into someone eating for fun, nutrition and taste. I no longer have shame and guilt when I eat. I mindfully eat until I am full and then I stop. I am cooking and baking up a storm. No longer am I worried about calories, scales, weight loss and trying to look like some under-weight supermodel.

    My pre-frontal cortex functioning is now free to concentrate on things of importance like my work, family and friends.

    It is an absolute miracle! I am telling everyone about your book. I hope it is a huge best-seller. I will re-read and study it for the rest of my life. I consider it my nutrition Bible.

    Most of all my husband says I am happier. The truest test of any transformation.

    Thank you again. God Bless. You have done a great service to mankind in the early 21rst century.

    Peace, Love and Mahalo, Donna

    • I’m so glad you found the book helpful! Thanks for letting me know. One way you could tell people about it is by posting a review on Amazon, if you feel so inclined.

  3. Dr. Aamodt my name is Davinia and I just finished reading your book. I find it groundbreaking. It has changed my perspective totally. I am a third year resident at the Federico Gomez children’s hospital in Mexico city. Before reading your article and book I was considering making a master’s degree in pediatric nutrition after finishing my residency. But your chapter about child’s education and intuitive eating changed all that. I would like to share this knowledge with my patients, their parents, my family.
    Is there any way you recommend for me to share or apply this principles?
    Thank-you very much.

    • Getting a degree in nutrition and then working with patients and their parents using the principles of intuitive eating sounds like a good plan to me. Thanks for letting me know that the book changed your perspective!

    • My publisher, the Current imprint of Penguin Random House, has the foreign rights to Why Diets Make Us Fat. I’ve passed your contact information along to them. Thanks for your interest!

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