Why Diets Make Us Fat

Why_Diets_Make_Us_Fat_cover“Finally, a scientist who bridges the gap between the emerging behavioral theories of weight loss and our current disastrous attempts to diet our way thin! I can’t wait for this to be published so I can give it to patients.”
—DR. HENRY S. LODGE, Professor at Columbia University Medical Center and coauthor of Younger Next Year

“In this deeply researched book, Aamodt demolishes the conventional wisdom on dieting, building a compelling case that if we want to be healthier, we should diet less, not more. Essential reading for today’s weight-obsessed culture.”
—TRACI MANN, PH.D., author of Secrets from the Eating Lab

“This important book sounds a much-needed alarm about the long-term damage that dieting does to our bodies and minds. Highly recommended for chronic calorie counters and anyone trying to raise healthy, sane children in an insane food world.”
—JONATHAN BAILOR, author of The Calorie Myth and founder of SANESolution.com


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